PLUS 2 torch testing module

It allows you to carry out various tests on torches in a simple, effective and short time, avoiding waste of time, electricity and consumables. By using air in the test processes, greater cleanliness is achieved without spreading water or various liquids, any residues will be collected in the appropriate tank. All flow tests can be carried out in the cooling circuits, gas outlet, etc... . It is equipped with two adjustable inlet flow meters and a return flow meter, two test sockets, three taps to select the types of connection, a drain tap. The lower density of air compared to water allows leaks to be identified more easily of small dimensions
  the electrical part is structured in low voltage, a special power circuit allows you to easily measure the efficiency of the cables
flow rate (current carrying cable) determining their state of wear
displayed by the digital ammeter, tests of auxiliary controls or inefficiencies are signaled by colored LEDs. The two auxiliary sockets allow you to connect terminals without a centralized connection. Repairs can be carried out by leaving the torches inserted, allowing you to repeat any test at any time. Features: Max height 320 mm. Power supply 230 vac. Air inlet 4.5-7 bar.max. Length 520 mm. 0.3A 1.2A max. IP.22. Lit. 5 tank. Max depth 330mm. SEC. 210 A + - 2%. Weight 12 kg.

Repairs quickly and without waste
Power 230v
Diagnosis of flashlight failure in a few minutes
brochure PLUS 2 eng.pdf